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Persevering in the Spirit of Nehemiah the Re-builder

Dear  Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua,

 Shalom! Thank you  for lifting  up our hands   through your prayers and support. God is accomplishing His saving work in the lives of thousands in Yeshua in South Sudan .  


Our mission next mission trip to South Sudan from September 9th - 25th

Due to the shortened  nature of the  trip, we won't  be taking the entire family to this time. Hannah and our five daughters will stay home for a short while.  Instead, I will be traveling with our two sons,  Nechemyah and Yehudah. We will be joined by  John and Joel  Alameida, a  father and a son medical team from Minnesota for two weeks of spiritual and medical outreach in rural villages. 


Prayer for our leadership and families 

 Please  continue to pray  for us  and  for  the work of Operation Nehemiah.  The republic of South Sudan is in the process of ending five years of civil war that has dis-stabilized the entire country, sending millions once again into exile. Many are longing to return home.  A vast opportunity is now on the horizon to continue  implementing  the vision which the Lord put in our hearts over  25 years ago:  reaching to one person, one family, and one village  at a time for Christ.      



 A city on a hill that can't be hidden, our inspiration for South Sudan

 Seven  years ago,  the Lord gave us a vision to develop  Gordon Mountain, overlooking  the  growing border town of Nimule. We wanted to dedicate this place  for the expansion of the Great Commission through Gospel radio broadcasting and pastoral training.  Today, that vision  is unfolding before  our eyes!  A deep well drilled in 2017 supplies the compound with clean water at the base of our 300 ft radio tower, where construction of an expansive new broadcasting station is nearing completion. This project will be brought to  a close in October, God willing.  Future plans include the construction the Nehemiah House of Prayer for the Nations, and permanent housing for staff and visitors. 



  Persevering in the Spirit of Nehemiah the Re-builder. 

  Nehemiah stands as a testament to faithfulness and perseverance. He lived far away from his home, yet he never gave up hope that someday he would return to it. He spent most of his life in exile  land of Babylon, yet he never wavered in his faith and trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He was a prayer warrior, putting everything before the Lord in prayer, interceding on behalf of his people, and he was rewarded for his diligence and perseverance. Nehemiah cared so much for his people that he never gave up the hope of their restoration, not only to their homeland, but to the God that first called their forefather, Abraham, out of the same area and made a covenant with him, one that Nehemiah believed would stand forever.


Nehemiah continued in his quest to rebuild Jerusalem. God provided all the necessary workers, and the building began. However, they were not without enemies—those who desired to stop the rebuilding. But God intervened as He had done with Moses (Exodus 14:14). Nehemiah 4:20 records, "Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!" This was God’s pre-ordained plan to bring His people out of bondage and back into their land to worship in the temple once again.



  Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3 FM Studio  Building construction 












 The final product will look like this 


 Updates on our Fall fund raising initiative

We are now down to $22,500 to complete our budget for Autumn 2018!  We have  18  days  to go to meet our goal by September 9th. Will you  prayerfully consider helping  us achieve this goal today?  Every dollar counts.


Prayer needs:


-Pray for our mission  in September to minister the word of God and oversee the  work on the 


-Pray for the success of the negotiations to end the national crisis. 


-Pray for the completion of the  Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3 FM studio building  on Mt. Gordon.

-Pray for our Autumn  2018  fund raising initiative. 

-Pray for the Great Commission in South Sudan to go forward 


Your online tax deductible contribution can be made at  or mail your check to the address below.


In His Grace,

 William Levi,

Founder and Overseer,

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237









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