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We finally have a well drilled on Gordon Mt. (our third mission headquarters)! God is good!

Dear Brothers and sisters in Yeshua,

Shalom! Thank you for your prayers and support! By the Grace of God we have accomplished so much on this trip and we are going to be heading home on Monday morning.

We finally have a well drilled on Gordon Mt. (our third mission headquarters)! God is good! Ever since the war broke out here in South Sudan last July, our radio staff has been living on Gordon Mt. There was a major need for water on this mountain as our staff has been getting their water directly from the Nile, without purification or anything! So, as you all well know, we started raising the money needed to drill a well! The Lord opened the door for us to hire a water drilling company from Kampala, Uganda, and they sent a surveyor who found plenty of water at the bottom of Gordon Mt. I decided that in order for us to get the water to the top of the mountain (where our staff quarters is located), the best course of action was to pump the water to the top of Gordon Mt. using solar electricity and pipes.

When we came here as a family at the beginning of last month, we were anticipating that the water would be drilled the first week we were here...However, the drilling company we hired was afraid of coming into South Sudan and one week turned into two weeks...then to four...then a month...then two months! Finally, after much prayer, the drilling company arrived yesterday! Three hours later, at 36 meters, they hit water! They drilled to 69 meters to make sure it wasn't a shallow well, purified it, and that was that! Praise God... we are basically in awe of how the Lord just did it!

The well is no where near from done, however. We have est. 500 meters of piping needed to get the water to the top of Gordon Mt., where we and our staff are currently living. $6000 is needed, But the Lord will provide!

Now, we have so much going on in the Beth Israel Farmland and in Borongole! Borongole has been completely cleared and the lots where food is going to be planted in the Farm have been laid out. We are so excited to see what the Lord is doing here! This trip has been so far and beyond what we were imagining it would be like, and it is only by the Lord's Grace!


We have sold many oranges and mangoes in the Nimule market ... every time we go to market, everyone comes around and everything is gone in a few minutes! The main allure of our fruit is that it is from South Sudan, and it is cheaper than the fruit sold in the market! Sustainable living is finally becoming a reality in our ministry!

The vision of Operation Nehemiah is to help create sustainable living so that our staff doesn't have to relay on getting their salary from America. Now, the door is opening for us to start more business opportunities. Many people believe the lie that there is no market in South Sudan because the are no people. But that is not true! Here in Nimule, there are almost 100,000 people and, because of this crisis and inflation, food is scarce and very expensive... So, the opportunity that is provided for selling food is immense! The Lord has so greatly increased our labors and we are so thankful to Him for all the ways that He has worked, on our behalf, to rebuild South Sudan! This war has produced problems, of course, but for every trouble, The Lord has given us more victory!

Prayer Needs:

1. We need three grinding mills to be placed in Nimule town to help raise support for the Pastor's Forum and Operation Nehemiah's staff. $9000 is needed. These three machines would generate 500,000 SSP per month, which is roughly about $6,000.

2. We would also like to get two peanut butter making machines at $2,000, including set- up. That would generate about 300,000 SSP, which is about $2500.

In this country, the money raised from this endeavor would support at least 25 to 30 of our staff and their families by May!

The Lord's will be done!

All your donations are tax- deductible and online donation can be made at Or Send your tax deductible to Operation Nehemiah Missions, PO Box 563 Lanesborough MA 01237

Thank you again for your prayers and support! Without your prayers, our ministry would not be what it is today.

"...For in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert. And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water..."

In His Grace,

William Levi- Founder and Overseer of Operation Nehemiah Missions

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