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In this War-Torn Nation, Meet the Brave Souls Returning to Rebuild

October 3, 2016



Shalom. You usually  get to  read first hand account of   ONMI's news brief in the South Sudan from us. But it is also encouraging to hear and another first hand report about our mission from  a major  US Christian News Network, CBN which had sent out their special reporter Mr. George Thomas to do special report on the mission of Operation Nehemiah in the South Sudan. 

                 Mr. George Thomas, CBN's  global reporter, managed to put out the news report on the mission of  Operation Nehemiah  in South Sudan for the whole world to see. It is only 7.11 minutes long but it sums it all.  I truly encourage you to watch it and pass it on.  You don't get to see or read reports like this coming out of South Sudan from the mainstream media nowadays.


         In May, 2016, before  my family left for ONMI mission trip to the South Sudan, Mr. George Thomas , CBN News global reporter promised to come out and  meet us in South Sudan before  our returning to the USA. He want to witness and document the work of Operation Nehemiah on the ground. He wanted to find out what set Operation Nehemiah apart from the rest of humanitarian global organization working in the South Sudan.              

              He  arrived at our mission headquarter in Borongole, EE Pageri, County  EE State South Sudan on July 17th and my family hosted him for three days at the Beth Israel Farmhouse. He left South Sudan on July 22. we stayed for another days after his departure. 


                  He arrived at the height of South Sudan's most current Crisis which took place on July 8th  which drove tens and thousands of civilians back to exile. As he was leaving the USA on July 14th for South Sudan, the crisis had already begun and  escalating on daily  bases. He asked us if it was safe for us and for him to come down?   We told him to take courage and come up, for his safety and our safety was in the hand of God.  Sure enough he came by faith and the Lord protected all of us. 

Now here is his entire report. Please watch and pass on as the Lord leads, you also help in small way like George Thomas to help lift up our hands.     



CBN World News reporter, Mr.  George Thomas visited Operation Nehemiah Mission Headquarters in South Sudan.  Here is his report, very  gripping & riveting. 

In His grace

William Levi, Founder & Overseer 

Operation Nehemiah Missions 

PO Box 563 

Lanesborough MA 01237 USA




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