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Highlights of 2014 Operation Nehemiah Missions successes and financial challenges

January 7, 2015

        On behalf of my family and Operation Nehemiah Missions,  we wish  you prosperous 2015 .
 As you might have read in our last  mission’s report highlights of  2014, the Lord has opened a broad door for us to minister the Gospel to the community in the South Sudan.  With your financial  backing and prayers, much progress was made in 2014.  

         Our Pastoral staff and their families are united to stay the course in rebuilding South Sudan as a city on a hill.   Last year on December 15th, war broke out in Juba,  the capital of South Sudan.  The country is still reeling in certain parts from the ongoing conflict.  In the midst of the chaos is the Church, standing her ground by faith instead of running in fear and the mission of Operation Nehemiah is going interrupted. Pray that the Christians in the region will persevere in the face of uncertainty for this is the logical conclusion of this spiritual journey for all of us. James 1.  Pray that the peace talks will yield results and strengthen God fearing leaders to guide the nation.

Year end  Fund  Drive

          Operation Nehemiah Missions needs your significant financial backing by midnight tomorrow night in order to end 2014, financially on target. We must be at full strength when the New Year begins next Thursday. That's why I'm asking you to donate now. click here.  Time is almost up, but we still have combined total of funds remaining in our $187,000 budget, which means that you can still double your gift!- click here.
       Operation Nehemiah Missions, is a front-line Messianic Christian organization that has been pioneering the rebuilding of the new country of South Sudan from ashes of war, Islamic persecution and destruction since 1993.  It is slowly but surely we are seeing the fruits and appreciating the vision of the mission to rebuild the country from bottom up and the benefit of Biblical stewardship of godly men in South Sudan to lead their community towards sustainable Biblical living.  

         This idea of Biblical Stewardship  can be applied to the nation of South Sudan as it has proven to be successful  in a small village  such as Borongole and Beth Israel  where we  are addressing  the need of one family and one village at a time.  If all the donations ever poured into Africa, and in the South Sudan in particular are given with understanding and a promise that at the end of the day, people’s lives will be invested upon for Yeshua the Messiah on individual  and village level to impact the country, by now South Sudanese would have risen from where they are today  to a promising level to care for their own and they  would have reached out to their neighbors to those who are in  need within their region..


           The impact of your giving:
   The Republic of South Sudan is a new nation which God has miraculously rescued from the grip of Islamic Jihad in the 21st century.  Your support for Operation Nehemiah directly helps to halt the encroachment of:

  • ISIS takeover in the heart of Africa

  •  Reduces   the influence of UN social engineering agenda.

  •  More importantly you are helping is promote the Great Commission

  •  Strengthening the family, the church and the community in this bright new country in the heart of Africa.

  • Impacting one family and one village at a time

  •  In 2014, your collective financial gifts to Operation Nehemiah  have done  remarkable works and transformed the lives of many:

  • Enable our family to spend 2 months in the  South Sudan to mentor leaders, disciple families , encourage and co-labor with our ground team to promote the Great Commission leading hundreds to the Lord .

  • Surveyed 10 miles squared of land in the Israel farmland  for families,  mission activities and future generaion.

  •  Established Nehemiah Interlocking blocks production -  that provide jobs to 2o households

  •   Constructed the   Ndereto Nile Beth Israel  Sister Congregation, now housing over 300 worshipers every weeks.

  •   Cleared more than 20 acres for planting corns, cassava, and banana.

  •  Trained three young men as clinician and filled up  Nehemiah Field Clinic with Medicine

  •  Got the contruction of Beth Israel farm House  underway

  •   Obtained grinding Mill and sewing machines to meet practical needs of the families in Borongole

  •   Distributed hundds of ImpaX player solar receivers tune to our radio station  NTC97.3Fm with the entire Bibles imbedded in it.

  •  Distributed hundreds  of Bibles and thousands of discipleship  materials   to area pastors in the region.

  •  Sponsored our   second mission trip to the South Sudan in a year.

  •  Deployed  Mr. Jonathan Lueken to South Sudan as a US  missionary for six months

  •  Will you consider an offering of $ $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or $3000, $5000, $10,000? Click here Consult with the Lord what to do.  If He tells you to give $1, do it, if He tells you to give $10,000—just do what you can  . . .  we trust the Lord for every dollar He sends for His ministry work—click here"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile."  (Romans 1:16) Your tax Deductible  contribution  can be made payable to Operation Nehemiah Missions, PO Box 563 Lanesborough, MA 01237 .If you have   4x4  pickup truck double cabin, Ford,  Land Cruiser Toyota Tundra,  Nissan, JMC  ( we can only take those  in very good shape)  to donate toward in-kind contribution,  specifically, requiring  ( 4x4) off road package  vehicles suitable for South Sudan rugged land formation, you can visit this site for more information In His grace,William Levi, Founder and Overseer


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