Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute


One of the key solutions to stop people leaving South Sudan into exile, stop the war and contribute to peace and economy stability  is to build vocational school that will have  tangible impact on the community. To date, South Sudan imports most of her skilled labor force from Uganda and Kenya. A country can’t survive like this. The root causes of instability in South Sudan are spiritual,  physical, political and as well as economical .  There is  a massive exodus of people leaving the country either because of war or the search for education and employment. Unfortunately,  99 % of them never come back. Therefore, with your support and encouragement, our next initiative is the  construction of the Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute and Studies of  Biblical Worldview at the Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon MT  in Nimule.  The proposed one-year academic program will prepare students to obtain experiences  or create employment opportunities and support their families, thus stemming the tide of brain-drain and lack of opportunity. ONMI has been funded by  Christian foundations,  individuals, families , churches and organizations in the USA, making the most out of little to keep pressing on the rebuilding effort of the nation and implementing the great Commission.


The Technical facility will train skilled labor  in various technical fields such as auto mechanics, mechanical, medical, plumbing, manufacturing, Solar Energy  and  electrical engineering, IT, agricultural technology, plumbing, hydrology, midwifery, and Biblical Apologetics to reform  work ethic and  civic responsibility.

Funding for Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute:
By the grace of God, you helped us raised $300,000 in the first half of 2019! Now

we are asking you to join us in prayers in raising $500, 000 from October 2019- March 2020. It can be done!!

Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute & World view -  Academy first phase budget - $300,000.00

Dump truck - $30,000

Hydraform Tile roofing making machine - $70,000

Rocks crushing machine - $11,000

Cement - $35,000

Construction utility vehicle - $35,000

Storage facility - $19,000

$100,000 for laying the foundation of the building

Mission budget for existing initiatives - $200,000


In this regard, ONMI is an ideal implementer of the Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute.  Its headquarters is in Yerushalayim Summit on MT, Gordon, Nimule, Pageri  County, EE state. It has already undertaken an extensive consultation process with community and church leaders in town and in the surrounding area.  Education was rated the most important local priority followed by access to information, training, and communications technology.  This community consultation process has resulted in a wide endorsement of the community learning center as the initial catalytic entry point for a wide variety of community education and learning initiatives.  Support for the two-year developmental phase of the learning center will enable a core group of trained local citizens to continue this community consultation process and tailor educational projects and learning center……