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Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute and Bethlehem Primary School 

  1. Bethlehem Primary school will lay the foundation for Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute to train South Sudanese in blue collar workforce. South Sudan needs blue collar workers: Nurses, auto Mechanic, electricians, IT, Clean water technology, solar & wind power plumbers, small business, retailers, hoteliers, tourism, farmers, masonries, joinery, to rebuild South Sudan.  This is our goal to prepare these young children for vocational training so that they can support their families and thrive in their local community instead of going to big cities, they should bring the city to the villages.  NPI will be only for 12 months of Vocational training. Graduates will be deployed into the workforce without spending endless years in college while leaving behind their languishing families.

  2.  Stop braining draining of the country’s youth:  The school will train and keep South Sudanese skilled workers to stay in the country instead of sending them elsewhere for education but once they are done with education, they never come back. About 80 % of skilled workforce and retail industry in South Sudan is imported from either Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, or Rwanda.  Bethlehem primary school and Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute will bring a balance to that that disproportionated import of skilled workforce. Entrepreneurial venture and small business startup are key to revitalization of the economy of South Sudan. South Sudan needs blue collars labor force as opposed to white collars labors force because the country is still considerably basic, and it will need to set up its basic infrastructures for the next 20 years on the strength of the blue collars. We need 6 months- one year hand on technical and vocational training polytechnic type of institutions to quickly output young people into the workforce or create their own businesses.

  3. Food security and the need for a new tractor:   We can have been using tractor to expand our current agricultural areas at the Beth Israel farmland:  In 2023, we are planning to open more land to plant more fruit trees:  mango, guavas, and oranges, Cassava, corns, sorghum, and beans. We are also planning to plant more Eucalyptus and Teaks or lumbers, as all building material are imported from Uganda.  The land is so rich with everything available in the land. South Sudanese do not need handout. They need tools and seeds. They can work with their own hands and support their families.  The school will train the children to take hold of the richness of their land and make use of them.

  4. Medical need: If there are clean water and people eat healthily, the rate of diseases that take lives can be much reduced. Yes, we need medical transport and medicine to help people in remote areas where there is scarcity of medicine and road condition are dangerous to attend to emergencies such as women in labor.

  5.   Please explain any unusual risks or challenges posed by this project and how they will be mitigated.

Our strength and faith in Christ Jesus as bases for mitigating challenges.

  1. Commitment to put God first and be Good biblical steward of the resources entrusted by God through the donors, strong spiritual leadership both in the USA and South Sudan, Integrity, transparence, unity & faithfulness for being good steward of God’s gift. I think our track record speaks for itself. For the past 6 years, as people fled into exile, followed by looting, pillaging, burning, and killing that went on, our board, USA/South Sudanese staff and I had choices to make. So, I think, these strong evidence of our resolve to guard that which was entrusted to us by God will be the best mitigation approach to guard against risk and challenges. The church cannot run away from problems.  

One of the key solutions to stop people leaving South Sudan into exile, stop the war and contribute to peace and economy stability  is to build vocational school that will have  tangible impact on the community. To date, South Sudan imports most of her skilled labor force from Uganda and Kenya. A country can’t survive like this. The root causes of instability in South Sudan are spiritual,  physical, political and as well as economical .  There is  a massive exodus of people leaving the country either because of war or the search for education and employment. Unfortunately,  99 % of them never come back. Therefore, with your support and encouragement, our next initiative is the  construction of the Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute and Studies of  Biblical Worldview at the Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon MT  in Nimule.  The proposed one-year academic program will prepare students to obtain experiences  or create employment opportunities and support their families, thus stemming the tide of brain-drain and lack of opportunity. ONMI has been funded by  Christian foundations,  individuals, families , churches and organizations in the USA, making the most out of little to keep pressing on the rebuilding effort of the nation and implementing the great Commission.


The Technical facility will train skilled labor  in various technical fields such as auto mechanics, mechanical, medical, plumbing, manufacturing, Solar Energy  and  electrical engineering, IT, agricultural technology, plumbing, hydrology, midwifery, and Biblical Apologetics to reform  work ethic and  civic responsibility.

Funding for Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute:
By the grace of God, you helped us raised $300,000 in the first half of 2019! Now

we are asking you to join us in prayers in raising $500, 000 from October 2019- March 2020. It can be done!!

Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute & World view -  Academy first phase budget - $300,000.00

Dump truck - $30,000

Hydraform Tile roofing making machine - $70,000

Rocks crushing machine - $11,000

Cement - $35,000

Construction utility vehicle - $35,000

Storage facility - $19,000

$100,000 for laying the foundation of the building

Mission budget for existing initiatives - $200,000



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