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She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs:31:25

Dear Co-laborers, in the great Commission, Shalom, when we left South Sudan at the end of September, several farm products at the Beth Israel farmland were doing very well. Banana, oranges, guavas and Papaya were just about ready for harvest. The only challenges we were facing was the shortage of workers to do the weeding of a vast area planted with sorghum awaiting to be weeded. From stand point of traditional agriculture, weeding fields of crops fall in the women domain in division of labor after the men completed their share of the work in the area of opening, clearing and sowing the seeds. The women at work in the field, taking their shared responsibility with men to stabilize the f

You give them something to eat." "Have them sit down in groups ..." (Luke 9:13-14)

Dear Co-laborers in the Great Commission, Shalom to you and family. From the depth of our hearts, on behalf of of my family and ONMI, we want to thank you so much for supporting us and praying for us for the successful and productive mission trip to the South Sudan. My sons and our two missionaries from MN have safely returned safely to the USA to the comfort and joy of our respective families. On September 9, our two sons, Nechemyah and Yehudah and I said good bye to the rest of our family who did not accompany us on this last Mission trip to the South Sudan due to the short duration of the trip . It was bitter sweet departure from my wife and our 5 daughters for two weeks. Entebbe,