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Persevering in the Spirit of Nehemiah the Re-builder

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua, Shalom! Thank you for lifting up our hands through your prayers and support. God is accomplishing His saving work in the lives of thousands in Yeshua in South Sudan . Our mission next mission trip to South Sudan from September 9th - 25th. Due to the shortened nature of the trip, we won't be taking the entire family to this time. Hannah and our five daughters will stay home for a short while. Instead, I will be traveling with our two sons, Nechemyah and Yehudah. We will be joined by John and Joel Alameida, a father and a son medical team from Minnesota for two weeks of spiritual and medical outreach in rural villages. Prayer for our leadership

Living under Sharia Law in the Sudan

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Shalom, as part of Operation Nehemiah Mission work, we play dual missionary roles in expanding the Great Commission both in the USA and South Sudan. I came here to the USA almost thirty years ago because of Islamic persecution in my native country, Sudan. Now it has become apparent that Islamic encroachment is lurking at the shores of United States and we must not keep silent, America as we know it, for the past 2 decades has been under going Islamic invasion. So it is imperative for us who had lived under the oppression of Islamic Sharia law in the Sudan to warn America of the pending Islamic stronghold in the USA. Over the weekend, I spoke at Camp