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You gave them the tools, they are doing the job. Nehemiah Block Production is re-opened.

Dear Co-laborers in the Great Commission, Shalom to you and your families. Couple of days ago, you read an article “titled, A quarter of a century in the mission, what are the fruits.”? As I mentioned, time would fail me, if I was to mention all the blessings that the Lord has blessed Operation Nehemiah Mission’s work over the years through your benevolent financial support and encouragement. Nehemiah interlocking block production for mission's needs and operating small self per perpetuating business in South Sudan Today, I would like to reintroduce you to Nehemiah interlocking block production entrepreneurial venture which was set up in 2013. This is one of your best benevolent gift

A quarter of a Century in Mission – The fruits

Dear Co-laborers in the Great Commission, Shalom! I hope this e-mail find you well in the Lord. I want to thank you specially for your continuous prayers and financial support for Operation Nehemiah Missions. In this short letter, I just want to walk you through the steps and events that the Lord has taken us through in the past three years. It is unbelievable to realize we are just seven months into 2018. The Steady hand of the Living God A lot has been happening this year, in the years 2017 and 2016. Beginning in January 2018, we have witnessed the Lord’s relentless hand of provision through your prayers, financial support, and encouragement to keep us pressing ahead with the Operation

Construction of the new broadcasting studio  for the Nehemiah Trumpet Call NTC 97.3  has begun

Dear Co-laborer in the Great Commission, Shalom in the name above all names, Jesus the Messiah. Thank you for your continuous prayers and support for the Republic of South Sudan. The political and economic crisis remains a cause of concern. However, there has been some recent progress in peace negotiations to end the war. We are hopeful that tens of thousands of South Sudanese will soon be able to return home. As for us, our missionary work to bring light and salt to that nation goes undiminished in both times of war and peace, because our peace is in the Lord as always. September - October 2018 Mission trip to the South Sudan. Hannah and I, along with our seven children and three