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Shoshanah Levi was born on March 19. Hannah & the baby are doing wonderful.

Shalom Brothers and sisters! Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. Wishing you both Passover and Resurrection weekend in Yeshua the Messiah. So today, it is our great joy to announce to you the church family and co-laborers in the Great Commission, the arrival and the birth of our daughter Shoshanah Levi, born on 3/19/18 at 8:42 A.M., weighing 7.35 lb and measuring 20 inches in length. She came in two weeks early base on the doctor's recommendation. Both she and Mama are doing great, Praise God. Like the rest of our children , she was born with a bunch of hair. She's healthy, and such a bundle of joy to be in our lives after 7 years on the waiting. We are so thankful to

ONMI News Brief- The Harvest & Mission compounds Restoration initiative!

Dear brothers and sisters in the Great Commission, Shalom! As always, we want to thank God for all that the Lord has done through you, in helping Operation Nehemiah and my family to alleviate the plight of Christians in South Sudan. I pray and hope that this e-mail finds you well in the Lord! From the last time we communicated, I promised to provide you with a field report on the progress of the harvest of crops in the Beth Israel farmland, and also in ONMI's mission headquarters, Borongole. In addition to that, I also promised to report on the restoration of basic services in both of the mission compounds in the domains of water and electrical power, which were rendered out of commission

Open letter to the President of South Sudan, Mr. Salva Kiir: Joining the Arab League is a none start

Open letter to the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir: Joining Arab League, is none Starter. On behalf of more than 2 million Christians who died in the hand of the brutal Khartoum Islamic regime, please don’t surrender South Sudan to Arab League. Shalom Mr. President, A week has passed since the news broke out that South Sudan has filed an application for membership to the Arab League Membership . It is now reported that South Sudan denies applying for Arab League membership. Regardless of the conflicting reports, the key point to consider here is why the Government of South Sudan, most of whose leaders personally fought for our freedom against Khartoum’s Islamic regime to the no