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Next two weeks: on Missionary Travel Across the USA on Speaking Tour to Expand the Mission Base.

Shalom to you and the family. Thank you for your prayers and support.Thank you for lifting up our hands in addressing the challenges here in the USA in our ability to spread the vision of Operation Nehemiah to greater population of the body of Yeshua the Messiah in the States side who genuinely want to help if they know of someone they can trust who is doing something for the people in South Sudan. When Hannah and I are in the country, this is what we do and must keep on doing, and that is fund raising and spreading the word. I'm available to come to your church to speak, peach and share the Great Commission message with your congregation. But the Lord has to open the door . Amidst th

For on other foundation can no man lay than on that which is laid, which is Yeshua

Shalom to you Co-laborers in the Great Commission, Now as we approach the end of January 2018, my plan to travel to South Sudan in February has been put on hold since Hannah will be delivering our baby on March 19. It will take her a month to recover. We need your prayers for this our family. Winter season in New England is upon us and it is serious. I can't leave her here with children alone trying to keep the house warm and the drive way shoveled. So, I will wait and leave in the middle of April for two weeks and return in the first week of May 2018. Meantime, between now and before I travel, here are few projects I’m working on with our ground team. They can implement them without my